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Tour of Shared Contacts Service for Google Apps by

Let us walk through advanced features and benefits of Shared Contacts Service

1. Shared Contacts Service is hosted on Google App Engine and installs into your Google App domain to provide seamless integration into your Google Apps dashboard. You do not require any additional software or service dashboard


2. Shared Contacts Service provides advanced, easy-to-use user interface(UI) to allow administrators to setup and manage your domain contacts which are visible to all users on your domain. This feature is similar to Global Address List provided in Microsoft Exchange first-page


3. You can manage contact information for ALL your contacts using Shared Contacts Service. This includes your external contacts (such as clients, business partners, and vendors) as shown above together with domain users (screenshot below) contact information. Shared Contacts Service uses Google.s Shared Contacts API and Profiles API. domain-users


4. In Shared Contacts Service, you can easy create new shared contacts, bulk upload shared contacts via our portal, edit or delete existing shared contacts. create


5. You can query for shared contacts that match particular criteria (supported fields are name, email address and company name). search


6. Shared Contacts Service allows you to add ALL Google supported fields. These include Name, Notes, Nickname, Birthday, Organization Id, Title, Company, Occupation, Department, Job description, emails, phones, addresses, instant message id, website, people reference. In addition, it supports adding custom fields tailored to your needs. Extended Fields


Corresponding updated record in Google: Extended Fields


7. You can create a true internal directory by adding additional information like phone number, employee id, nickname, birthday, cube location etc for your domain users. All of this additional information can be updated and maintained in Shared Contacts Service and will be visible to all users on the domain. Internal directory



  • The service works only on Premium and Education Editions
  • Shared Contacts are not visible by default. They will appear when user searches for them and in the To, Cc and Bcc fields. Learn More
  • All changes made through Shared Contacts Service become visible in Google Mail for all domain users within 24hrs.

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