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Shared Contacts - Bulk Operations - Instructions & FAQs


  1. Right-click and download sample CSV file: sample-upload-file.csv
  2. Open it in Microsoft Excel.
  3. Add your shared contacts into the downloaded file.
  4. Make sure the first columns says 'add' for all rows.
  5. Save the file in CSV format (not XLS).
  6. Upload the CSV file using the box on left.
While adding shared contacts to the CSV file, do not remove or add any new columns. Your file MUST have exactly the same number of columns as provided in the sample file.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. When the Shared Contacts are uploaded, do they show up in the Contacts page in Google Apps?

  2. No, they do not show up in the Contacts page in Google Apps. The only place where they are visible within Google Apps is in the auto-complete drop-down list in the To/CC fields while composing an email. That is why we have built this Shared Contacts portal where you can always come and look at the list of your shared contacts and manage the additions, updates and deletions of those contacts.

    Update: 05/26:
    Yes, besides the drop-down list in the To/CC fields while composing an email, the Shared Contacts uploaded via the API also show up in the Contacts Manager. Learn more...

  3. After uploading the contacts, they are not immediately showing up in the auto-complete list in Google. How long would it take them to start showing up in the drop-down list?

  4. It would take 24 hours for the shared contacts to show up in the auto-complete list, after you upload the Shared Contacts using this portal. This is limitation of the Google Apps Shared Contacts API:

  5. Is grouping of Shared Contacts supported by Google?

  6. No, the shared contact grouping is currently not supported by Google. Therefore, we can not provide that functionality in our portal either.

  7. I want to really create a group of shared contacts to send out emails to the group. For example, a group consisting of all parents of Garde 3 students of our school. Is there a way to do it?

  8. Here is a way how you can make this work, but it may not be straight forward. First create a group for the parents of Grade 3 student in This would get you a unique email address for the group, e.g. Next, you come to our Shared Contacts portal and upload this email address as a shared contact. Once uploaded, all users (e.g. teachers) in your school would get to see this group's email address in their auto-complete list when composing an email. is part of Excel Enterprises USA LLC